Shiva, Warrigal Employee, 28 years

We migrated from Fiji to New Zealand when I was three months old because there was a military coup in our country and dad wanted to get me and the family out of there. So we moved to New Zealand. Dad was studying in New Zealand at the time, he’s an accountant.

The biggest thing I remember about my dad growing up is how hard working he is. My mum and my dad would work Monday to Friday and then on weekends would do cleaning jobs. They would take me and my sister along to help out and as a family we would clean factories and offices. Myself and my wife worked 7 days for 5 years to afford a deposit on our house and pay for our big wedding and honeymoon. Now that we have a family we work Monday to Friday and our aim is to spend lots of time with our kids, because that’s what is important. We wanted to set ourselves up. We don’t come from money, we’ve come from pretty poor backgrounds, and we wanted to get to a point where we could live fairly comfortably. And we’ve achieved that, so we’re pretty happy with ourselves so we can hopefully give our kids a good life.

Becoming a dad- that was the greatest experience of my life. I think I have been very blessed to have things fall in to place for me. A good job, lovely wife, kids, and house, all within a short period of time. I think things have been going from strength to strength. We have a new baby girl - so two girls!"

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