Alan, 74 years, Warrigal Chairman of 17 years

It was an opportunity to put something back into the community and the recognition that older people’s lives could be improved that led to Alan joining the board in 1984, “I have always had a pretty egalitarian view in society and I thought that older people in our community were a group of people that were not being looked after well enough. I felt that was an area I could possibly help make their lives better – by providing services that they didn’t have.”

Alan is passionate about volunteering, having been involved in various community groups and committees over the years. He plans to remain a Warrigal volunteer after he leaves the board. “Volunteers are vital to this organisation. We could not provide the services that we do without volunteers, it is just not possible. I think one of the real gems of being a volunteer is the benefit that comes to you through volunteering. You can see the value of volunteers to the organisation firstly through the number that we have, and secondly through the length of time they stay with Warrigal.”

It is the culture that Alan recognises as one of the greatest changes and achievements he is most proud of in his time as Chairman. “I am very proud of Warrigal, the commitment of staff is unbelievable.”

According to Alan, independence, choice and community are ingredients for a great life for older people. His contribution to Warrigal and to improving the lives of older people will be long lasting.

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