Margaret, 60 years, inspiring Warrigal employee of 25 years

25 years ago a job came up in payroll with Warrigal, it was part-time and I had two young daughters in primary school, so it suited me fine. I attended the interview with one blue shoe on and one black shoe on – I had two pairs of court shoes! I arrived at the interview and thought ‘oh no.’ I just laughed about it!

I started as the payroll clerk, it was called Mt Warrigal Retirement Village back then and my office was at Warilla. It was very friendly, and very hectic. I noticed that those nurses ran, which they still do now. It is such a big job for the staff, I admire them immensely for what they do and the care that they show. And that’s what first struck a chord with me, and I think that’s why I’ve stayed at Warrigal for 25 years - I just felt that it is a caring industry, and the fact that Warrigal is not for profit made a big difference as I’ve always felt like I’m assisting or making a difference in some way, behind-the-scenes.

Payroll was very manual back then. We had hand written timesheets that we had to extend and work out the penalties and total it all up. When I started we didn’t have computers. I taught myself how to use a computer, learnt from others and I did a couple of courses. I’ve always been a numbers person, and funnily enough I’ve ended back in numbers working in the Finance team for the past 4 years.

I’ve got wonderful friends that I’ve made here over the years. Some have left and some have returned too! I think after working with an organisation for such a long time you become very loyal to the company. Three of my friends from work and myself are going overseas next year for six weeks. We’re going to the UK, France, Singapore, and Finland. 

I love sport, I’ve always played competitive tennis since I was a child. I have a bad knee now so those days are gone unfortunately. I often go and watch tennis tournaments, and I’m a cricket tragic, I love cricket, love to go and watch a match with my daughters. I like any sport really."

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