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I met Erwin at church where I attended a physical culture group. I was on stage when the curtains were opened and he saw me from the public address box. He was impressed so made enquiries about where I would be going the following Saturday night. A group of us gathered at the railway station to go into Baptist Youth Fellowship in the City. I almost didn’t go because my hair turned out a mess! When he saw me stomping down the ramp at the station he thought he saw a “vision” coming.

We went out together for 5 years until we married just after my 21st birthday by which time we had saved enough for a deposit on a house in Newcastle. We have now been married almost 54 years, during which time we had two children and lived in NSW, USA, Victoria and Western Australia.

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Warrigal was founded by volunteers and they continue to be vital to ensuring our residents happiness. From driving buses to regular visits, even assisting with our business operations, we have many varied opportunities for anyone who would like to donate their time, energy and skills to Warrigal’s residents.

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