Mark, inspiring Warrigal Employee

I chose Warrigal because I wanted to go back to having that feeling of satisfaction I had when I had my lawn mowing business.

There is a culture at Warrigal and a feeling of being a part of a team. Everybody is equal with one goal and that’s to make the residents happy and feel wanted. I received a fruit tray from Jo the Residential Services Manager at Albion Park Rail with a card that said “From your friends in the Nursing Home”.

At first I was worried that working in an area where a large percentage of residents had some stage of dementia, it would not bring me the same rewards as the elderly customers that I had whilst mowing lawns, as they still had full facilities and still at home. I was worried I wouldn’t feel that same satisfaction but I soon realised I was wrong. It was still the same and at times greater. I found dementia residents to be special people. Each resident is sometimes in their own world but all they need is to be wanted, to feel part of a family of worth. While their own way of acknowledging gratitude was not as structured and deep as my lawn mowing customers – it was done with that same honesty and sincerity. Sometimes it is not a thank you, it is just a simple smile or laugh or eye contact. But that feeling of satisfaction you get from that contact is amazing.

There is a resident who’s only form of communication is to say to me “Hello old mate”. So when I see her in her chair, I always smile and say “Hello old mate” and she smiles back and says “Hello old mate” back to me and that feeling of making contact with her is very rewarding.

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