Evelyn Johnstone 101st Birthday!

Evelyn Johnstone is celebrating her 101st birthday – a significant milestone for this cheeky Wollongong born resident.

Evelyn, remarkably still lives in her own home, with assistance from Suzanne who is part of the team at Warrigal’s (in-home) Connect Services. Suzanne celebrates in style with Evelyn today by taking her out for a special birthday lunch.

“Evelyn is an amazing woman and I really enjoy working with her, we’re a great team. Often when I visit her on a Friday she is more than happy to go out for lunch and just have a chat. It’s great to see someone like Evelyn still living independently at this age and I really enjoy providing her with services and support to allow her to remain at home.” says Suzanne.

Although Evelyn never married, she has been a wonderful aunt and great aunt and has been an enormous support to her family. Evelyn was the second of four (4) girls and always maintained close relationships with her sisters.

When she was a young girl she looked at a map of Australia and decided that she was going to travel everywhere. This was in a time when it was 'not the done thing’ but she was an adventurer and this was her aspiration.

She did indeed travel extensively around Australia and calls herself a Gypsy who spent many years travelling as part of a Carnival.

Evelyn is a very determined and generous lady who particularly loves having a VB beer with her family and friends, which is no great surprise as her motto for life is to ‘always keep a sense of humour.’

Happy 101st birthday Evelyn. A great character and a true inspiration!

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