Southern Highlands Community Hospice and Warrigal Bundanoon collaborate

The Southern Highlands Community Hospice (SHCH) Board has commenced negotiations with Warrigal to establish the Southern Highlands Community Hospice at their Bundanoon Village.

The Warrigal Bundanoon Village has ample room for the Hospice site. Previous zoning issues have hampered the SHCH project after the Wingecarribee Shire Council recently rejected a schedule 1 zoning on a proposed site at Berrima. The Warrigal Village at Bundanoon already hosts a range of aged care services and has done for many years.

The SHCH Board commenced negotiations with Warrigal after a lengthy search for a suitable location.

SHCH Board Chairman Margaret Rosenthal said “we will continue to have ongoing discussions with Warrigal over the coming months to decide on the best outcome for both our customers and the community”. The advantages of partnering with Warrigal are many including access to medical practices and the opportunity to share specialist staff, large meeting rooms, bus transport and other food and laundry services.

"When negotiations are further down the track, we will be ready to launch an intensive fundraising campaign to raise the funds necessary to establish and operate the Hospice. As we all know, only community support can make our Hospice a reality. There is much work to be done but we are determined to make the project an ongoing success.”

Warrigal CEO, Mark Sewell goes on to say that “we look forward to holding further discussions with SHCH. Warrigal Bundanoon is an ideal location for the new Hospice.Warrigal at Bundanoon has already established a reputation for excellent Palliative Care for older people and we welcome the addition of the Hospice to further support the Southern Highlands community in one of the area’s most beautiful locations.”

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