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Environmental Sustainability. It’s a mouthful to say, and what it truly entails is somewhat vague. It means a different thing to different people. But what does it mean for Warrigal?

In 2008 the CEO Mark Sewell identified environmental sustainability as part of our new direction to ensuring the impacts we make today do not affect the next generation of people we will care for. A flurry of projects eschewed; optimised air condition systems, lighting upgrades, improved recycling and education to help our staff and residents embrace sustainable practices. These projects had incredible impact both financially and environmentally, and in 2014 we were recognised with the Excellence in Sustainability Award by the Illawarra Business Chamber and various other awards.

Now in 2016 we have formalised our approach, with the launch of our Environmental Sustainability Framework. This brings together all of the areas of sustainability and particularly targets reducing and recycling our waste, improving resource efficiency, incorporating sustainable design into our buildings and educating our people about how to minimise their impact on the environment. This framework sets tangible goals and accountability, and will guide us further along the path to making sustainability business as usual.

We’re still working on lots or projects – but in a structured manner that will achieve long term success. Keep an eye out for news about our Energy + Illawarra Partnership where participating residents at our Community Villages received education and tailored improvements to their home to cut energy costs and improve their comfort. This project didn’t cost residents a cent, as it was funded by the Department of Industry & Science with sizable contributions by Warrigal and other partners. See www.energyplusillawarra.com.au for details. We are also commencing food waste recycling in 2016, making our air conditioning more efficient and exploring solar power for our homes. 

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