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Energy+ Illawarra (E+I) has reached a key project milestone this week with the installation of key household devices that will support older people with improved in home energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort or well-being.

Warrigal Figtree resident Roslyn Fairley initially joined the program to save money on her electricity bill. Roslyn said “electricity is the biggest bill I pay and I thought that having solar system would be useful. When I joined the program I didn’t expect much but was happy to be part of the research project.”

The research involved a detailed building assessment where Roslyn was consulted about her energy use habits and analysis of the building before a suitable retrofit was chosen for her home.

Roslyn Fairley, has received a solar hot water system and LED lighting upgrade as part of the program and next week will have an in-home energy display installed. This in-home energy display will allow Roslyn to see her energy consumption in real time and influence energy efficient behaviour.

More than thirty (30) Warrigal residents from six (6) villages across the Illawarra and Southern Highlands have had their homes retrofitted with a solar hot water system, door seals, ceiling fans and an in-home display which will measure power use as it occurs. The residents are part of the ’Monitored Homes’ Project , receiving over $10,000 worth of energy efficiency items installed free of charge, as well as regular monitoring, to track the results of the retrofit.

E+I is a three-year, $2.3M project funded by the Federal Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and contributions from consortium members. The program is a trial and explores the best ways to influence positive energy efficiency behaviour and break down any barriers to change for those who are over 60 years of age and make ends meet on an income equivalent to the age pension. The program covers the interviewing, monitoring and educating over 800 residents and energy efficiency installations in 200 homes across the Illawarra, Shoalhaven and Wingecarribee areas and will be completed in June 2016. 

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