Living well, till it's over

Dying is a normal part of living. Everyone eventually passes away, but so often we feel frustrated and surprised when it happens. Imagine planning for it so it goes well, the way you want.

Do you know what you want towards the end? It’s a sensitive question but a very important one, and one worth asking. So many more older people now are deciding what they want for their life and their death. Registered Last Will and Testament rates are higher then ever as people deliberately choose what they want with the distribution of their assets. Personal plans about medical intervention are also growing in interest as people decide if they want to live when they need intensive breathing intervention. I’ve heard of many older people who have planned the funeral including details about scriptures, music and even the food to be served. Why not! Its your life and your end of life!

Hears a thought… write a plan about what you want if you are very ill or have just a month or two to live. Have the important conversations with your loved ones about your last days, weeks or months so they are as enjoyable as possible or you and them. Prescribe the place you want to be, the food you’d like, the music you want, the things you’d like to look at and so on.

At Warrigal Care we have the expertise to make sure your life is what you want it to be, right to the end. Our core philosophy centres on you making your own choices and we support the oldest people in our communities to end their lives very well, even to be happy on their last day. It is possible, we see it often. As end of life eventually comes to everyone, we see it as our job to make these difficult conversations a little easier. A report released recently by the University of Western Sydney has shown just how important it is that both formal carers such as Warrigal Care and informal care networks, such as your family and friends work together to provide you the best possible end of life experience based on your own preferences.

At many Warrigal Care communities we have a Palliative Care Specialist Nurse as well as a team of trained and compassionate staff who provide exceptional support for both you and your family during this emotionally trying time.

Talk to Warrigal Care about ensuring your choices are respected, your life filled with love and your family supported through till the very end, call us on 1800 626 670.

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