Warrigal Executives stay overnight in Warrigal’s Southern Care Homes

Last week, Warrigal’s Executive team travelled from the Illawarra to Canberra to Calwell, Stirling and Queanbeyan, to spend time staying in their care homes at each location, experiencing daily life from the point of view of residents and staff.

The Executive Team, Mark Sewell (CEO), Craig Smith (Operations), Ben Marsh (Finance and Admin), Peter Hutchinson (Property), Penelope Batman (People and Culture) and Alissa Walsh (Strategy), experienced a day and overnight in a care home to get a feel for what daily life is like for staff and residents. They dined with residents at meal times, attended staff handover meetings at the end and beginning of shifts, and slept overnight in resident rooms at the care home.

Due to ongoing COVID lockdowns over the past two years, the Warrigal Executives have not been able to visit the care homes in person as often as they like.

This overnight stay was a great way to further build personal relationships between management, residents and staff in the care homes, particularly as Warrigal recently celebrated the 12 month anniversary of their Canberra homes acquisition from BUPA, and the two year anniversary of the official opening of the brand new multi-story care home at Queanbeyan.

Craig My dinner dates Executive Ben Marsh checks in at Warrigal Stirling

Warrigal CEO, Mark Sewell, said “This visit was a great opportunity for us to spend some genuine listening time with residents and staff at our Canberra and Queanbeyan care homes to hear, see and feel what it’s like staying in one of our homes. Spending a full day and night, we get an insight into what daily life at a care home is like for our residents and staff.”

He continued, “We all enjoyed our short stay immensely, and it’s very encouraging to see our residents happy and enjoying life in our care homes, being cared for by our friendly expert frontline staff. To hear their positive feedback first-hand only further confirms our commitment to enable older people to continue living their great lives.”

“We can’t believe how few aged care managers have ever stayed in a care home! We have 11 homes and 9 villages to visit regularly because for us building relationships and trust amongst every level of our organisation – from our Executive Managers to our staff and our residents – is very important and something we value greatly.”

If you or your loved one would like to see what life in a Warrigal care home is like for yourselves, call Warrigal on 1800 927 744 to find out more about the services they offer across NSW and the ACT.


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