Warrigal develops dedicated program to combat resident isolation

To combat issues of residents experiencing isolation from visiting relatives, that might be instructed by a Public Health Unit during a care home lockdown, Warrigal has developed a special program to allow relatives and close friends the opportunity to visit their loved ones after completing some simple education and training.

Warrigal’s ‘Partnering in Care’ (or ‘PINC’) program recognises the value that family and friends bring to the physical, social, and emotional wellbeing of their loved ones. During times of heightened community Covid19 risk, Warrigal wants to continue to enable safe visits in a carefully managed way, for those who have undergone the Partnering in Care program and education.

The ‘Partnering in Care’ program provides visitors with important information and simple education that can minimise the risk of accidental transmission, in order to keep themselves, the professional care staff and the residents at Warrigal safe. The education includes both an online and face-to-face training component, featuring several modules on infection control and hygiene/PPE best practices.

PINC visitors assist their loved ones and others with a broad range of activities, including; providing emotional support, leisure activities (reading books, listening to music, crosswords, colouring, puzzles, etc.), going for a short walk in the gardens or courtyards, personal care (brushing hair, shaving, etc.), all to assist with improving resident wellbeing.

Warrigal CEO Mark Sewell said “This program provides important safe and supervised access to visitors for residents experiencing isolation when instructed by local Public Health Units during a care home lockdown. We want our residents to continue to feel cared for and supported, not only by our dedicated professional staff but also their own loved ones. We believe this program is an important step in ensuring we continue to maintain our high level of care to older people, fulfilling their social and emotional needs with quality time during all their visits.”

So far Warrigal has had more than 150 applicants from resident relatives and friends across their 11 care homes to join as a Partner in Care, and they continue to provide essential training and education for those interested.



Media Contact: Elsbeth Olalia, Community Relations Manager | +61 (4) 3665 5808

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