Warrigal announces relocation of all residents and staff from the Warilla residential care home

Warrigal has announced they will be closing their Warrigal Warilla residential care home in the coming months. The care home was originally established on the site in the early 1980s and has been expanded and repaired many times over the past 40 years. Eventually, the care home was going to have to be replaced as it is no longer fit for purpose due to the age and appropriateness of the building.

Warrigal has met with all of the residents and have started to engage with their representatives to discuss the individual preferences and care needs. Each resident has been advised that a place has been reserved for them at another Warrigal care home whilst they consider their options. There will be no cost to residents as a result of this move within Warrigal.

Warrigal Warilla management and staff have also been assured their employment will continue at another Warrigal site close by, which will also allow for continuation of care for residents.

Mark Sewell, Warrigal CEO, said of the project “While this decision has been made faster than we had originally planned, we are confident this will be a positive move for all of our residents and customers in the long-term. We are very aware of the disruption this will cause to our resident’s lives and routines, and we are working closely with them and their representatives to make sure they feel supported and heard during this significant transition.”

Warrigal has taken several steps to facilitate open communication between residents and management so they are able to voice their questions and concerns. Warrigal has appointed a number of Relocation Advisors for care residents, developed purposeful communication channels, and will continue to hold face-to-face and digital meetings in order to assist in this relocation transition.

Warrigal upholds their values of integrity, respect, compassion and innovation in everything they do, and the closure of the Warrigal Warilla residential care home will be no different. Rest assured, with the backing of the entire Warrigal support network, Warrigal is confident they can support their residents and staff as they transition to this next stage for Warrigal Warilla.

The retirement village on the same site is unaffected at this stage.


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