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Colour is a very powerful and important thing. Different colours affect people differently, both physically and emotionally. Within retirement living and aged care, colour can be used to influence behaviour through environments, from creating sociable areas to encouraging eating. It contributes enormously to an interesting and inspiring environment.

For many people, getting older can affect their vision. It might be a slight muscle weakening or something more severe such as altered colour perception in dementia suffers. Generally though, older people need about three times as much contrast as younger people to find objects.

Colour has been a hot topic of discussion at Warrigal Care for a few months now. We’ve had a new village and a new care home open at Goulburn requiring colour choices with everything from bench tops and bricks to sheets and curtains.

We’re also undergoing a company wide rebrand. We’ve revised our vision and purpose, updated our philosophy of care, and as of October 28, we will have a new look, colour and feel to represent all of these improvements. Choosing a colour to represent our new direction was difficult, to go for a calm and relaxing blue, or an exciting and energetic red?

With the importance of colour so high in the context of getting older, we wanted to make sure that our new look was age-friendly, dementia-friendly and you-friendly. It’s because we’ve achieved this that I’m so excited to share our changes with you. That’s all I can say for now, but keep an eye out in late October for the new Warrigal Care.

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