Sustainability Update

Now more than ever, individuals, businesses, communities and governments recognise that being environmentally responsible is at the heart of sustainability.

Warrigal believes that procedures and operations alone will not make a sustainable organisation. Instead, Warrigal is focused on developing a culture of sustainability. This makes sustainability a journey rather than a destination. A marathon not a sprint. Over time we hope to encourage our residents, staff, visitors and surrounding community to make environmentally aware choices that will help reduce our environmental footprint.

Winner of the IBC Excellence in Sustainability at the Illawarra Business Awards.

Warrigal is building on the tremendous groundwork in sustainability since the journey began in 2008.

Warrigal recognise the existing knowledge and interest of older people in environmental sustainability and include their views and opinions as part of the strategic approach to minimising our environmental impact.

Our homes are run 24 hours 7 days a week, and as such, environmental sustainability initiatives have the potential to be influential over 365 days.

We have developed collaborative partnerships with Regional Development Australia-Illawarra and continue to work with many departments at the University of Wollongong enabling the creation of innovative initiatives that we can integrate into our industry.

Warrigal have upgraded to more efficient lighting and installed cold water laundry systems in our homes with a resulting saving of 158.2MWh this year and an average of 2.03 years Payback period across the organisation.

Warrigal have installed more energy efficient lighting such as LED and replaced older T8 fluorescent lights with less energy demanding T5’s, across our sites. Warrigal have utilised innovative technology in our laundry systems, using Ozone to reduce the amount of hot water and chemicals used in laundering. Warrigal have recommissioned their HVAC systems to enable much more efficient energy use.

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