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Jenni Hutchins
Chief Executive Officer


“As an organisation founded by the community, for the community, we exist so that older people can live their best lives, on their terms.”

Joining Warrigal in 2022 following a rich career working for Not for Profits, Jenni brings a wealth of experience working within community-focused organisations. Her dedication to older people shines through in her work at Warrigal, as well as her ongoing advocacy efforts in the wider community.

Jenni believes that every individual should be availed of the opportunity to reach their full potential, and for vulnerable individuals, the provision of quality, accessible, and targeted services is critical in achieving this positive outcome.

As part of Jenni’s role, she leads our team of Warrigal executives as they follow our strategic plan, Towards 2030. Our Executive Team is responsible for ‘steering the ship’, and ensuring their respective portfolios are on track to achieve our goal of providing great lives for older people. Jenni, along with the rest of our Executive Team, provide monthly reports to our Warrigal Board, who oversee our progress with this.

You might see Jenni out and about at one of our Warrigal events, meeting our residents and customers, or speaking on the news about important aged care issues. She works tirelessly to advocate for older people, and to improve conditions for the entire sector across Australia. Feel free to say hello when you see her!

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