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About Warrigal

Our purpose is to support older people to have great lives. We do this by creating communities and offering services so that older people can be independent, respected, happy and connected.

About Warrigal

Empowering Lives, Building Communities

With nearly six decades of experience, we’re proud to be an award-winning, not-for-profit aged care organisation. Serving the Illawarra, Southern Highlands, Queanbeyan, and Canberra regions, we offer a diverse range of retirement living and aged care services. Our commitment is to provide you with personalised care and support throughout life’s later stages, regardless of your financial situation.

Our mission is simple: we empower older people to forge the connections and communities they cherish.

Mission & Values

We bring hope and positive change to older people’s lives, one step at a time.

Home services staff sharing a friendly tea time with customer, fostering a warm and personal connection while providing care and companionship through Warrigal's home services.

Mission & Values

We bring hope and positive change to older people’s lives, one step at a time.

Our Purpose

We exist so older people live their best lives, on their own terms.

Our Values

Integrity, Respect, Compassion and Innovation.

Our Philosophy

Empowering Lives Through Choice & Fulfilment 

At Warrigal, we embrace a philosophy that recognises the power of choice in how we behave. We choose how to behave based on our current understanding and our capacity to fulfill our basic human needs. These needs, we believe, serve as the overarching motivation behind everything we do.

At Warrigal, we believe that older people deserve daily opportunities to be their authentic selves. We aspire to create an environment where they can experience:
  • Independence: Supporting freedom from excessive dependence or control, allowing older people to make choices that matter to them.
  • Dignity: Ensuring that older people are always treated with the respect they deserve.
  • Happiness: Striving to foster a sense of purpose, enriching lives with joy, laughter, and creativity.
  • Connectedness: Fostering a warm and welcoming environment where older people find friendship, affection, acceptance, companionship, and meaningful relationships.
Warrigal’s Philosophy is not just a belief; it’s a celebration of life, choice, and the pursuit of fulfilment for every older person we are privileged to care for.




Male Warrigal staff member laughing with home services aged care customer as he sits in recliner.



Leadership Team

Meet the Executive Team 

With a wealth of expertise and a shared vision, they guide our organisation toward its mission of creating inspiring communities and offering services that empower independence, respect, happiness and connectedness amongst older people. 

Leadership Team

Meet the Board 


With a wealth of expertise and a shared vision, they guide our organisation toward its mission of creating inspiring communities and offering services that empower independence, respect, happiness and connectedness amongst older people. 

“I chose to do what I did today. It was a good day and I was able to be myself.”

Annual Reports

Warrigal’s Commitment to Open Communication

Warrigal is committed to transparent communication and disclosure, showcasing our dedication through notable achievements. We are proud recipients of the 2020 Silver Award, the 2019 Silver Award, the 2018 Bronze Award, and the Silver medal in the Australasian Reporting Awards in 2006, 2013, 2021, and 2022. Furthermore, our commitment to best practices has been consistently acknowledged with the prestigious Gold Award, which we proudly secured for three consecutive years in 2007, 2008, and 2009.

To access and review Warrigal’s annual reports, simply click on the links below.

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Award winning organisation

We’ve been creating inspiring, supportive and connected communities for older people for almost sixty years for our efforts in improving the lives of older people. Our thanks go out to our staff, volunteers, customers, families, partners, and the whole community who support our mission to provide exceptional service. 



Fostering Well-Being and Community Partnerships

Warrigal is committed to building meaningful partnerships and promoting a philosophy that uplifts older people. Our emphasis is on developing authentic connections, joy, dignity, and autonomy. We advocate for a rich and rewarding life for older people, inspiring them to enjoy diverse community activities and connections that embody fun, freedom and fitness. Through dynamic collaborations with local clubs and communities, we actively create opportunities for social and recreational fulfilment, ensuring vibrant and engaging experiences for older people while building strong, interconnected communities.

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Our Story

From Humble Beginnings to Inspiring Communities

1964 – 1967

In 1964, the Shellharbour Lions Club recognised the need for safe services for older people. In 1967, a collaborative effort between Shellharbour Lions Club, Kiama Soroptomists, Rotary, and Apex led to the establishment of Mount Warrigal Retirement Village. The founding board members, including Norm Rowland, Brian Mackander, Joan Pearce, Anthony Bilton, Ken Stuart, Reg Simpson, and Harry Bush, played a pivotal role in creating this community initiative.

Newspaper clipping showing Warrigal history


Enid Grant became the first resident of the 10-bed “rest home” on Native Dog Hill (Mt Warrigal), with Mrs. Enid Baker serving as the first matron, pictured. The staff consisted entirely of volunteers, and community donations provided the funding. The land for the facility was leased from Shellharbour Council.

A photo of Enid Baker who was the first matron at Warrigal

1971 – 1976

In 1971, Warrigal initiated expansion efforts, welcoming sixteen more older people. Local service clubs played a pivotal role in meeting furnishing and building costs. By 1976, Fay Smith became the first president of the inaugural auxiliary, and the home expanded further to provide a safe and secure environment for an additional 28 residents.

Newspaper clipping of Warrigal History 2


During the 1980s, Warrigal experienced substantial growth, opening new homes and community villages throughout the Illawarra. Changes included the opening of the Ladies Auxiliary Op-Shop in Warilla (group pictured), the opening of a Warrigal Community Village in Arcadia Street, and the expansion of Warrigal Mt Warrigal.

Warrigal historical ladies auxilliary

1991 – 1994

In 1991, Warrigal expanded its commitment to providing a safe space for older people by constructing 16 units to form Reg Simpson Court (pictured) at Albion Park, named after one of our founding Chairmen. A community day respite centre named after Beryl Lewis commenced operations at Lake Illawarra. Our community villages expanded, with 101 additional spaces added to our Warrigal Community Villages in Figtree and Coniston, and our Residential Care homes growing in Albion Park Rail and Goulburn. Our Warrigal Administration Centre opened at Warrigal Albion Park Rail, and the Property Services Department at Oak Flats was established.

Reg Simpson house in a circle template

1995 – 1999

Continued expansion occurred throughout our Warrigal Community Villages and Residential Care Homes, with 137 more beds added. The year 1999 marked a significant milestone as Warrigal Care became the registered trading name, accompanied by a new logo and corporate colours of blue and green (pictured).

Warrigal Care Logo Circle on a Transparent Background


In 2000/01, Warrigal Care expanded its care services by welcoming 17 residents from Pencomas Lodge in Goulburn. Warrigal Connect also initiated its services in Goulburn during this period. Additionally, Warrigal Community Village in Albion Park Rail opened its village community centre.

Pencomas Lodge Inc sign with white writing on a brown background in a bed of flowers

2006 – 2010

Warrigal Care continued to take significant steps of expansion, with the purchasing of land at Beach Street in Wollongong, the completion of the Warrigal Bundanoon care home, and the Warrigal Connect services expanding to the Illawarra, Goulburn, and Queanbeyan. In the 2010s, Warrigal embraced the power of social media, marking a new era with the development of the state-of-the-art Shell Cove community and the establishment of its own social media presence.

Warrigal building entrance in a circle template

2011 – 2013

In 2011, Warrigal expanded its Community Connect with the acquisition of AllCare In-Home Services. The Albion Park Rail Community Village also grew with the addition of 8 villas, and the Administration building underwent expansion. In 2013, Warrigal demonstrated its commitment to resident safety and care by developing a new Philosophy of Care. Additionally, a forward-looking Strategic Plan titled ‘Towards 2020’ was created, accompanied by a refreshed brand and the introduction of a new purple look for Warrigal.

Warrigal logo in a grey circle template


In 2014, Warrigal achieved significant milestones with the official opening of Goulburn Community Village, featuring 36 new villas and 40 care suites. Additionally, a substantial funding of $17 million from Restart NSW was approved for the construction of a new Residential Care Home in Shell Cove.

Warrigal Goulburn entrance in circle template

2015 – 2016

In 2015, Warrigal commenced the construction of their flagship community at Shell Cove, including a state-of-the-art residential care home, community village, and integrated community spaces. The following year, this project achieved remarkable success with all 33 villas and 47 apartments selling off the plan at the Warrigal Shell Cove village.

Warrigal executives and CEO wear high vis and hard hats at building site

2017 – 2018

Warrigal continues substantial growth with the completion of the first stages of Warrigal Shell Cove, and acquisition of a further 3300sqm to expand the village even further with an additional 24 apartments. In 2018, Warrigal once again demonstrated its commitment to The Warrigal Way by winning the ACSA Aged Care Provider of the Year Award in Australia, and becoming the first aged care provider to achieve Gold Level membership with the State Government’s Sustainability Advantage Program.

Former Warrigal CEO Mark Sewell shakes hand at HESTA award ceremony


In 2019, Warrigal secured the future of aged care with the completion of the $32M flagship Queanbeyan residential care home, representing a transformative approach to aged care living.

Warrigal Queanbeyan care home aerial view

2020 – 2021

In 2021, Warrigal expanded its reach and offerings by welcoming two new sites in Canberra, acquiring residential care homes in Calwell and Stirling. This strategic move solidified Warrigal’s strong presence in Canberra/Queanbeyan. Warrigal once again received the ACSA Aged Care Provider of the Year Australia award, and developed a future strategy titled Towards 2030.

ACSA Award seal in grey circle


In 2022, Warrigal expanded its services in Wollongong by welcoming Warrigal Wollongong, the Links Seaside by Warrigal from IRT, and Multicultural Village Warrawong. Unfortunately, Warrigal Warilla RCH had to be closed. Warrigal bid farewell to Norm Rowland, Warrigal’s inspiring founder who passed away. Warrigal was recognised with the Excellence in Large Business Award at the Business NSW State Awards.

Links Seaside by Warrigal circle template


In 2023, Warrigal welcomed its new CEO, Jenni Hutchins, who led the organisation through the initial stages of aged care reform implementation. The Royal Commission recommended 148 changes to be implemented in aged care homes from July 2023 to July 2025. Warrigal introduced the Norm Rowland Award, acknowledging the significant contribution of volunteers as a tribute to the legacy of the late Norm Rowland OAM, the organisation’s founder.

Warrigal Founder Norm Rowland in a circle template

Current Research Projects

Current Research Projects

At Warrigal, we are committed to staying at the forefront of knowledge and innovation in the realm of senior care and well-being. Our ongoing dedication to improving the lives of older individuals extends to engaging in meaningful research projects that contribute to our understanding of aging, health, and happiness.

Canberra University

Lived Experience Study

This study initially delves into the lived experiences of aged care residents as new models of care are introduced and implemented. Subsequently, it examines how future models can enhance the lives and wellbeing of residents, aiming to identify improvements in care practices.


UC Care Trial

Following on, the UC Care Trial focuses on the impact of understanding compassionate care. It emphasizes the importance of awareness, respect, and empathy-focused care and support in Aged Care. Furthermore, it explores the benefits these practices offer to aged care residents, highlighting the positive outcomes of a compassionate approach.

Illawarra & Shoalhaven Local Health Department


A text-message based program aiming to reduce barriers to diabetes education and support self-management strategies for people of all ages with type 2 diabetes.

Southern NSW Local Health Department

Golden Angels

Translating a hospital-based volunteer dementia and delirium program to residential aged care. Golden Angel volunteers provide additional personal care towards residents with dementia and delirium, supporting them through daily tasks such as eating and engaging in activities.

University of Technology Sydney

Kickstart Cohousing for Older People

This program explores the opportunities presented by co-housing for seniors in NSW. Additionally, it identifies the existing barriers to uptake, and thoughtfully proposes ideas for overcoming these barriers.

University of Wollongong

Enablise Project

The Enablise Project aims to improve our understanding of the assistive technology needs of people with mobility issues, and how older people can benefit from assistive technology tailored to their needs.


Smart Shoes Project

An innovative project testing ‘smart shoes’, designed for older people to help improve mobility. The shoes learn the wearer’s walking behaviours and patterns and send haptic feedback when unsafe behaviours and environments are detected.


PCOC Study

A study on palliative care, creating evidence-based improvement plans for patients, their family, as well as their care providers.

Inspiring Stories

Inspiring People

“What I love most is that every day is different, and I’m out in my community meeting a lot of different people from different backgrounds.”

Sri | Warrigal Employee

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