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Wellness and Lifestyle

From fitness classes to cultural celebrations, holistic wellness to culinary delights, there’s something for everyone in our lively and healthy lifestyle scene. Explore, engage, and elevate your well-being with us.

A Focus on Wellness and Lifestyle

In close collaboration with our valued customers, villagers and residents, our wellness and lifestyle programs are expertly designed to inspire and support active living amongst older people. Prioritising social, physical, and spiritual health, we identify and address unique needs through a flexible range of services.

Life at Warrigal

Life at Warrigal is designed to not only support older people within our homes and villages, but also out in the community. Through close collaboration, we continually assess and meet their unique needs and preferences. Our array of flexible services and activities includes music therapy, entertainment, shopping, group outings, massages, pet therapy, art therapy, pain management, sensory therapy, physiotherapy, and more.

Warrigal residents showcasing creativity in an engaging arts and crafts activity.

Our dedicated teams curate activities and programs tailored to the varied needs of our older people. This results in unique activity calendars, but not without the beloved favourites consistently appearing, such as exercise classes, bingo, gardening clubs, arts and crafts, captivating performances, religious services, and exciting outings. These thoughtfully crafted experiences allow residents to enjoy cherished activities, discover new interests, all within a safe and nurturing environment that fosters connections and a strong sense of community belonging.

Therapy session with a happy resident and a therapy pet.

We take an integrated approach to our Wellness and Lifestyle services, aiming to actively involve our residents, villagers and customers. We frequently welcome visiting entertainers, volunteers, and diverse groups, including knitting enthusiasts, therapy animals, and dance troupes. These gatherings are highly anticipated by our older people, offering valuable opportunities for social engagement.

Wellness and Lifestyle

Every day is unique in our communities

Outside of regular activities and events, it’s easy to find a space to enjoy time with your friends.

Warrigal resident celebrating a birthday with friends and staff.

Whether it’s celebrating 100-plus birthdays, to wedding anniversaries, or the addition of new family members, when these special moments arrive, our teams are ready to offer support in ways that matter most to you and your loved ones. Whether it involves us organising a festive space adorned with decorations for you and your family to gather, or getting a special visit from one of our management team, we’re here to go the extra mile to make your celebration unforgettable.

Delectable and nutritious food served at Warrigal Aged Care.

We align ourselves with the principles of the Maggie Beer foundation by supplying fresh cooked food prepared on-site with exciting flavours. Our chefs create exciting dishes for daily meals and special events, supported by professional catering partners. With an A-rating from rigorous yearly audits, we ensure both nutrition and safety. We take resident feedback seriously, which helps us shape our diverse menus and make meal times a pleasure.

Warrigal residents socialising in a group, enjoying a friendly tea gathering.

Our Wellness Centres and communal living/activity areas have evolved into vibrant social hubs where individuals come together to connect and enjoy themselves. We wholeheartedly encourage and support residents in nurturing and maintaining these vital connections. Though we understand sometimes quiet time is important too, and love our peaceful reading nooks tucked throughout our communities.

Warrigal aged care resident at Shell Cove in a striped top is holding a basketball and smiling with a staff member nearby

We believe it’s important to keep trying new things – that’s why our team are dedicated to coming up with new experiences for our residents and customers. From outings to concerts, museums, theatre shows, to visits from the petting zoo and musicians, no week will look the same while living with Warrigal. Keep fit, engaged and entertained with the opportunities to get involved in our activity program!

Inspiring Stories

Inspiring People

“My happiest memories are when I was travelling with my husband –
catching the Shongololo train in Africa from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls!”

Jane, 83 years | Warrigal Resident

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Moving here was the best thing that happened to me, I have a community here and they’re all friendly people.

Joyce, 82 years | Warrigal Resident

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Moving here was the best thing that happened to me, I have a community here and they’re all friendly people.

Joyce, 82 years | Warrigal Resident

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