Warrigal Now Calls Canberra Home

Warrigal has expanded into Canberra and will today assume responsibility for the previously owned Bupa Aged Care Homes in Calwell and Stirling.

With a long, proud history as a not-for-profit offering community- based services including aged care, retirement living and home care services, Warrigal look forward to having an increased community presence in Canberra and to be able to reach more older people and to support them to have great lives.

Celebrations are being held at both Care Homes to mark the significant event in Warrigal’s history and also to welcome both the managers, staff, residents and families of these homes to the Warrigal family.

Warrigal’s CEO Mark Sewell says, “We have been working closely with the staff at Bupa over recent months to ensure the smooth transition to Warrigal. We welcome the staff and residents and look forward to building these relationships and to continue our commitment to older people in Canberra and surrounding areas.”

Phil Mackney Regional Operations Director, Northern Region Bupa Aged Care said, “We have worked extremely closely with Warrigal to ensure a smooth transition for all residents and employees at Stirling and Calwell. Both homes are fantastic communities that provide high quality care and we wish them well under their new owners.”

Warrigal’s newest Aged Care Home at Queanbeyan is in close proximity and existing staff will offer support to the additional homes. Staff at both Stirling and Calwell will remain the same as will the level of care offered to residents and their families.

All staff jobs are secure and residents and families will continue to receive communications to ensure that their experience with Warrigal is a positive one, in conjunction with Warrigal’s vision of ensuring that older people have great lives.

The homes will now be officially known as Warrigal Stirling and Warrigal Calwell.


Media Opportunity:                       

11.30am Tuesday 1st December 2020 at Warrigal Calwell

43 Were Street Calwell

Warrigal Media Enquiries:            Carolyn Dews, 0455086556

Warrigal to Expand Services to Canberra

Warrigal is excited to announce that it will extend its provision of aged care services to Canberra, with Bupa having agreed to a sale of two of their homes to Warrigal.

The homes to be acquired are two aged care homes in Calwell and Stirling in Canberra, a total of 288 aged care places.

Warrigal, a local not-for-profit aged care provider has been offering high-quality aged care services for over 50 years, running 9 other care homes across the Illawarra, Southern Highlands, and Queanbeyan regions, as well as villages and home care services.

Warrigal Chief Executive Officer, Mark Sewell, said he is proud of Warrigal’s achievements and caring culture and the addition of these two homes will complement and expand the services Warrigal provides to the aged care community in this area.

“We’re really excited about these homes joining Warrigal and look forward to the contribution Warrigal can make with its significant experience in offering high quality aged care services for over 50 years”.

“The Calwell and Stirling homes are in close proximity to our Queanbeyan home.   This means we can offer a high level of localised support to both homes to residents and their families as well as staff”.

“This expansion will allow us to reach and support older people from these new areas, which aligns with our values and vision of older people living great lives through a comprehensive, local and trusted aged care system. Our first steps will be to ensure the well-being of residents and any staff concerns are addressed.”

Phil Mackney, Regional Operations Director, Northern Region, Bupa Aged Care, said “We believe that Warrigal, with a strong presence throughout southern NSW, is well placed to meet residents’ needs, and has the local resources and support network to successfully operate the Stirling and Calwell care homes. We’ve spoken to our residents and assured them they will continue to be cared for by the team of employees they know and trust, while being supported by a reputable local provider.”

Meetings in the coming weeks will be scheduled to provide residents, relatives, and employees an opportunity to meet with the senior managers of Warrigal and to address any questions.

Warrigal will assume full responsibility for these homes and all the staff from 1st December 2020, subject to approval from the Department of Health.


Media Contact:

Elsbeth Olalia, Community Relations |M +61 (4) 3665 5808 | eolalia@warrigal.com.au


Illawarra Aged Care Provider, Warrigal responds to the 2020 budget

Warrigal has welcomed the extra 23,000 for home aged care packages under a $2 billion aged care boost in the federal budget but says it covers just a portion of what is required to set up the aged care sector for the next decade.

Mark Sewell, Warrigal CEO said, “This is great news for the many people who have been waiting for a long, long time for help at home and will now get it.

“Unfortunately the list has more than 100,000 Australians on waitlists for approved home care packages, so many will still miss out or if they are lucky, will have lower-level services offered to them.

“Aged care homes are the front line in this pandemic. The most vulnerable people in aged care homes are supported by salt-of-the-earth staff who are working very, very hard, and last night they did not get any more aged care pandemic assistance package.

“Even though they will enjoy the well-deserved tax cuts, and older people will enjoy the increases in the pension, they will still need help to stay safe at work and in their homes, especially as more visitors are encouraged back inside aged care homes and older people venture out into the community.”

Mark said, the JobMaker program would be a good support in hiring younger people but we need more permanent measures given we have to triple the aged care workforce by 2050.

The Government has funded about $4 per person per day extra since the pandemic began. What was needed is about 4 times that ($15 per day) to pay for a much safer, happier aged care system during the pandemic.

“The community needs jobs to be created – more Nurses, Physios, Infection Control experts - we are ready to create hundreds of jobs instantly in this region, but it didn’t happen.”

In announcing the Budget, the Treasurer highlighted that aged care is “one of the greatest challenges we face in delivering essential services to Australians.” He flagged that the Government will provide a comprehensive response to the Royal Commission's final recommendations, due in February 2021, which will include significant additional investment.

“This is not about the pandemic, it’s about the long-term structural neglect by the successive governments over time. I hope our oldest Australians at high risk of the virus can wait till next year.” Mark said, “It should have been done now.”



Media Enquiries:

Elsbeth Olalia | M +61 (4) 3665 5808 | eolalia@warrigal.com.au

Warrigal’s ‘Connect-19’ Program helping to keep older people connected

Warrigal’s ‘Connect-19’ program, launched in July 2020, aims to combat social isolation for older people 65 years and over during these times of COVID-19 isolation and social distancing.

Using Warrigal’s 400 plus volunteer base who have been made inactive due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, ‘Connect-19’ now boasts over 785 participant numbers and continues to offer regular and on-going social calls between volunteers and participants, as well as training and technical support in the use of smart devices.

For months now, Frieda has been following public health advice to reduce their risk of exposure by staying home. But sheltering at home has also meant staying distant from friends and the places that kept her active and engaged. She has been receiving regular calls from Barbara, one of the program’s volunteers.

“With no family here in Australia or overseas, it is lovely to be able to get regular calls from Barbara,” said Frieda. “I soon felt that I may already know her because we could talk about everything. I ring her as well, and now we are great friends. I hope I can meet her one day.”

Barbara also acknowledges the common value of the program and the need to support our older people during this time. “Frieda has shared many stories with me and I feel very privileged to have her confidence. I often share my own life stories with her and to, my surprise and delight, have found we have quite a lot in common and are never lost for conversation.

“We have developed quite a friendship over the phone and have discussed meeting each other in the future.” she said.

Warrigal’s Executive Leader Strategic Innovation and Development, Alissa Walsh said, “As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, it can be hard for older people to see any end to the need for social isolation and the loneliness that can come with it.

"We want to be able to offer the same caring service our Warrigal community have come to experience, and are making an open call for more participants to come on-board.”

“The Connect-19 program can help support isolated seniors during this pandemic to stay connected,” Alissa added. “Older people are our priority, and this program is a great chance for us to give back.”

Anyone wishing to take part in ‘Connect-19’ is encouraged to call the dedicated hotline on 1800 106 930, Monday to Friday between 8.30am – 5pm. Alternatively, those wanting to volunteer with Warrigal and help provide support to older people at risk of isolation can register their interest by emailing volunteering@warrigal.com.au.


Media Contact: Elsbeth Olalia, Community Relations
M +61 (4) 3665 5808 | E eolalia@warrigal.com.au

Opportunities: Interview with Warrigal’s ‘Connect-19’ volunteer and
participant mentioned.


Warrigal Launches 'Connect-19' Program

Warrigal has launched its newest service to the community: Connect-19’.

Connect-19 aims to combat social isolation for older people aged 65 years and over during times of COVID-19 isolation and social distancing. The 6-month project has been made possible through funding from the NSW Government’s Combatting Social Isolation for Seniors during COVID-19 Grant Program.

The Connect-19 program also offers a chance to re-activate and re-engage Warrigal’s existing volunteer base of over 400 who have been made inactive due to COVID-19 lockdown and visitor restrictions, by providing social engagement opportunities to older people at risk of isolation and loneliness in the Illawarra, Southern Highlands and Queanbeyan areas.

Warrigal CEO, Mark Sewell, said the new service aligns strongly with Warrigal’s vision of older people living great lives.

“During these times of uncertainty, it’s often people in this cohort who find themselves disconnected from family and friends or struggle to find ways to connect with people. We want to help those who are socially isolated or at risk of social isolation connect and engage with others. This service provides an opportunity to directly engage with older people, enabling such connections to take place.”

“Given the knowledge, experience and passion our volunteers bring, we believe it will be beneficial for all older people living across the region, not just Warrigal customers and residents, at risk of social isolation and loneliness.” said Mark.

Connect-19 offers regular and on-going social calls between volunteers and participants, and training and technical support for older people in the use of smart devices, supported by the provision of ‘easy to follow instructions’ and procedures on the use of technology which will enable them to connect with others.

It will also provide referral and assistance to access Warrigal’s existing ‘My Club Connect’ program, which provides a free membership-based medium for older people to connect via local clubs, special interest groups and activities that appeal directly to them.

Participants who wish to take part in this program are encouraged to call the dedicated Connect-19 Hotline on 1800 106 930, Monday to Friday between 8.30am – 5pm. Alternatively, those wanting to volunteer with Warrigal and help provide support to older people at risk of isolation can register their interest by emailing volunteering@warrigal.com.au


Media Enquiries: Elsbeth Olalia | Community Relations | M +61 (4) 3665 5808

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