Warrigal celebrates the addition of its newest care home and lifestyle village

Warrigal has officially added their newest care home, Warrigal Wollongong, and the luxury lifestyle village next door, the Links Seaside by Warrigal. Warrigal has assumed all responsibility for the exceptional properties, including all associated staff, as of today from previous provider IRT.

The aged care home and lifestyle village is located on the pristine South Wollongong beach on the Wollongong Golf Course in the heart of Wollongong, and comprises 153 aged care places and 154 independent living units.

Key members from Warrigal were present to celebrate the day, including Warrigal’s Executive Team and members of their board, attending functions to meet with residents, villagers and staff to welcome them into the Warrigal family as the old signs came down and the new Warrigal signage went up.

The Links Seaside lifestyle village and Warrigal Wollongong care home residents were given their own respective celebration events, while the 170 staff were invited to several functions throughout the day, starting at 5am to allow for every staff member to attend depending on their shift time. Attendees enjoyed an array of party favours including decorated spaces with catering, goodie bags, and Warrigal merchandise.

Warrigal CEO, Mark Sewell, said he is very excited to be welcoming these new 450 new Warrigal team members, care residents and lifestyle villagers on board, and is looking forward to working with everyone moving forward.

“We’re very happy to be able to celebrate with our new Warrigal team members, residents and villagers today, it’s a very exciting day for the entire Warrigal Team. Warrigal Wollongong and the Links Seaside are going to complement our other 9 service locations across the Illawarra at Figtree, Coniston, Albion Park Rail, Albion Park, Warilla, Lake Illawarra, Mount Terry, Mount Warrigal and Shell Cove well, and we’re looking forward to the contribution we can make to the aged care community in our very own heartland by continuing to offer high quality aged care services.”

Warrigal, a local not-for-profit aged care provider has been offering high-quality aged care, retirement living and home care services for 55 years, running 11 other care homes, 9 retirement villages and hundreds of home care services across the Illawarra, Southern Highlands, Queanbeyan and Canberra regions.



Media Contact: Elsbeth Olalia, Community Relations Manager | +61 (4) 3665 5808



Warrigal announces relocation of all residents and staff from the Warilla residential care home

Warrigal has announced they will be closing their Warrigal Warilla residential care home in the coming months. The care home was originally established on the site in the early 1980s and has been expanded and repaired many times over the past 40 years. Eventually, the care home was going to have to be replaced as it is no longer fit for purpose due to the age and appropriateness of the building.

Warrigal has met with all of the residents and have started to engage with their representatives to discuss the individual preferences and care needs. Each resident has been advised that a place has been reserved for them at another Warrigal care home whilst they consider their options. There will be no cost to residents as a result of this move within Warrigal.

Warrigal Warilla management and staff have also been assured their employment will continue at another Warrigal site close by, which will also allow for continuation of care for residents.

Mark Sewell, Warrigal CEO, said of the project “While this decision has been made faster than we had originally planned, we are confident this will be a positive move for all of our residents and customers in the long-term. We are very aware of the disruption this will cause to our resident’s lives and routines, and we are working closely with them and their representatives to make sure they feel supported and heard during this significant transition.”

Warrigal has taken several steps to facilitate open communication between residents and management so they are able to voice their questions and concerns. Warrigal has appointed a number of Relocation Advisors for care residents, developed purposeful communication channels, and will continue to hold face-to-face and digital meetings in order to assist in this relocation transition.

Warrigal upholds their values of integrity, respect, compassion and innovation in everything they do, and the closure of the Warrigal Warilla residential care home will be no different. Rest assured, with the backing of the entire Warrigal support network, Warrigal is confident they can support their residents and staff as they transition to this next stage for Warrigal Warilla.

The retirement village on the same site is unaffected at this stage.


Media Contact: Elsbeth Olalia, Community Relations Manager | +61 (4) 3665 5808



Warrigal celebrates National Volunteer Week

In recognition of National Volunteer Week (16 – 20 May), Warrigal is celebrating the amazing contribution of their volunteers, and thanking them for the essential nature of their work in founding, governing and helping the organisation at every level.

Warrigal is a for-purpose, community volunteer-owned organisation that won National Aged Care Provider of the Year again in 2021. Warrigal operates 12 aged care homes across NSW and the ACT, and offers home services, retirement lifestyle villages and social support, and currently has close to 400 volunteers working across these locations including at every service at the front line of the organisation.

To show their thanks, Warrigal has organised thank you event lunches in different locations, celebrating their volunteers across NSW and the ACT.

Warrigal CEO, Mark Sewell, said “Warrigal was started by volunteers more than 50 years ago, and still to this day they are essential to what we do. They play such important roles within our organisation and effect Warrigal at every level, including our Company members, all of our Board, our advisory group, as well as on the front-line in every service at every location.”

Mark continued, “Some have volunteered for more than 20 years and the support they provide to Warrigal residents, customers and staff is so valued, and we truly thank them for the commitment they show older people in our community every day.”

The contribution of Warrigal’s frontline Volunteers is so essential to Warrigal and their residents, as they play the role of a friendly visitor rather than a care staff member. While Warrigal staff members do provide emotional and social support, their time is shared amongst the clinical needs of residents, whereas a volunteer is at a care home purely to spend quality time with the older people. This quality time boosts the morale and mood of residents, reducing feelings of isolation, stress, and depression.

The volunteers themselves, also gain a deep sense of purpose and fulfilment from their role, directly seeing the positive impact they are making to the lives of older people in their community. Because of this, Warrigal’s volunteers often stay on volunteering for many years, as they acknowledge the positive impact it has on their own lives, being able to help others.

Jan Elliot joined the Warrigal Stirling team back in February as a Golden Angel volunteer, and has since found how rewarding her role at the care home is. “I really enjoy interacting with the residents and seeing their big smiles and excitement when I arrive. They just know you are there to spend time with them and they get so excited.”

Jan continued, “It gives me real satisfaction knowing that I am visiting residents who may not have regular visitors, and it’s a pleasure to be a part of the different programs implemented at Warrigal for the benefit of their residents.”

Volunteers are always welcomed at any Warrigal location across NSW and the ACT, and are encouraged to apply by emailing volunteering@warrigal.com.au.



Media Contact: Elsbeth Olalia, Community Relations Manager | +61 (4) 3665 5808



Warrigal expands their aged care services to Wollongong city with large seaside acquisition


Warrigal is excited to announce that IRT (Illawarra Retirement Trust) has agreed to sell their Links Seaside Residential Aged Care Centre to Warrigal.

The Aged Care Home and Retirement Village is located alongside the pristine Wollongong Golf Course in the heart of the Wollongong, and comprises 153 aged care places and 154 Independent Living Units.

Warrigal CEO, Mark Sewell, said he is proud of Warrigal’s achievements and caring culture. The addition of the Links Seaside Aged Care Centre will complement and expand the services Warrigal provides to the aged care community in our very own heartland.

“Soon to be known as ‘Warrigal Wollongong’, we’re really excited about the Links Seaside joining Warrigal and look forward to the contribution we can make with our significant experience in offering high quality aged care services for 55 years.”

Warrigal, a local not-for-profit aged care provider has been offering high-quality aged care, retirement living and home care services for 55 years, running 11 other care homes, 9 retirement villages and hundreds of home care services across the Illawarra, Southern Highlands, Queanbeyan and Canberra areas.

We have a strong history of serving the Illawarra community, and the Board of Directors and Executive Team have long agreed that we should grow in the Wollongong area to support even more older people. It aligns with our values and vision of older people living great lives through a comprehensive, local and trusted aged care system. Our first steps will be to ensure the well-being of residents and any staff concerns are addressed.” Mark continued.

Meetings in the coming weeks will be scheduled to provide residents, relatives, and employees an opportunity to meet with the senior managers of Warrigal and to address any questions.

Warrigal will assume responsibility for the care home and retirement village, including all associated staff, from 21st March 2022.



Media Contact: Elsbeth Olalia, Community Relations Manager | +61 (4) 3665 5808


Got the Job 1

Warrigal celebrates founder Norm Rowland OAM's 102nd birthday with special Archibald Prize portrait

Warrigal founder Norm Rowland OAM turned 102 on Tuesday, 25th January 2022, and celebrated accordingly with his own portrait completed by an Archibald Prize winner.

Warrigal commissioned Peter Wegner, the 2021 Archibald Prize winner, to complete the portrait to celebrate Norm’s contribution to Warrigal.

Peter Wegner is a Melbourne-based renowned painter, sculptor, and draughtsman. His recent work focuses on the study and examination of humans, and capturing their stories through portraiture. His work has appeared in several public collections across the country, including the National Portrait Gallery, Art Gallery of NSW, and National Library of Australia.

In 1967, Norm was the President and member of the Shellharbour Lions Club, who recognised that there was an absence of services for older people between Mount Kiera in Wollongong and the Victorian border. Norm rallied the local community and was the driving force behind Warrigal opening its doors in 1968 on Mount Warrigal. Norm’s involvement continued as Chair of the Board, and he remains a Company Member to this day. Norm was awarded an OAM for his services to the community and the aged care sector.

Warrigal started as a ten-bed residence staffed entirely by volunteers and has now grown to provide 27 services to more than 3000 older Australians across 14 locations in NSW and the ACT.


Norm Rowland Portrait


To celebrate Norm’s 102nd birthday, a small afternoon tea was held at his home with his family and representatives from Warrigal (including CEO Mark Sewell and the Chair Wyn Janssen) where the portrait was unveiled for the first time.

The portrait was commissioned to ensure that future generations remember Norm’s critical contribution to Warrigal and aged care services in the Illawarra. Warrigal CEO Mark Sewell said, “We are excited to be able to celebrate Norm’s birthday and recognise his 55 year commitment to Warrigal. The opportunity to unveil Norm’s portrait with Norm and his family was a fitting way to celebrate his 102nd birthday.”

Warrigal will hold a more significant celebration in April with community dignitaries in attendance to unveil the painting officially once community COVID transmission is more settled.



Media Contact: Elsbeth Olalia, Community Relations Manager | +61 (4) 3665 5808

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