Not all aged care providers are the same

In 2008 Susan Hogan faced a terrible situation. Her mother’s declining health, with the onset of dementia, made it no longer tenable for her mum, Christian Quale, to remain at home. Susan made the difficult decision to send her mum to the newly opened aged care home Warrigal Care Goulburn. This is her experience, first hand.

“My mother died in Warrigal at Goulburn in 2008. She had dementia and was not resident for very long. We chose the place from a list of facilities willing to take her, it looked like the most agreeable but I didn't know much then about nursing homes.”

“Events – “the inexplicable intrusion into her affairs of some neighbours including a person passing herself off as the carer prior to her going into care at Warrigal, and immediately after distressed me greatly and made her unhappy. She was told, and believed in her poor sad muddled head until she died, that I was a greedy unloving daughter who had incarcerated her so that I could take her property.”

“I am writing this because there is bad publicity at the moment about nursing homes and I want badly to say that I think the staff at Warrigal could have done no more than they did. They spared no pains at all to look after, interact with and importantly entertain, their residents who are specifically suffering from dementia. I have visited a few nursing homes in the last 5 years and none has been as good as Warrigal.”

“I was not happy at the time and may not have expressed gratitude but want now to say what ever bad rap nursing homes are getting, Warrigal deserves nothing but praise”.

Warrigal Care is a community owned organisation that has been caring for older people for 45 years. We are incredibly proud of our staff across all of our communities. We continue to partner with many universities and organisations to discover as much as possible about how to help dementia sufferers make the most of their lives, and how to assist their families in dealing with their loved one having dementia.

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