Life’s Biggest Challenge – Getting Out Of Bed

Why do you get out of bed in the morning? Take a minute to really think about that question. Your bed is warm and comfortable, with a doona that feels like a shield from the rest of the world. Why would you leave such a lovely cocoon? The reason you get out of bed in the morning isn’t necessarily that important, but it is vital to have a reason to get up each day, as academic Audrey Guy has discovered.

Her research has shown that having a purpose in life is one of three key factors to ageing well. Your purpose doesn’t have to be a grandiose calling; it may just be that the kitchen needs a wipe, or that you’ve got to get to bridge class. There just needs to be a reason for you to leave your bedroom cocoon.

Audrey herself is a wonderful example of ageing well. At 75 years old with multiple post graduate degrees and an active family and social life, hers is an example we can take inspiration from. Warrigal Care has been working with Audrey in recent years, adopting her research findings to make sure that we are supporting our residents and clients to age well.

Our purpose at Warrigal Care is not centered on being the biggest aged care provider, and certainly not focused on being the most profitable. Our purpose, our reason for leaving our cocoons every morning to come to our villages and do what we do, is you. Whether you are a resident or client of Warrigal Care, or an older person in the community, we hope to represent you well, to support you however you need it, and to help you find your own purpose in life.

Each person’s purpose is as individual as they are. Your life, your situation and your choices are specific to you. At Warrigal Care we cherish this, and we’re more than happy to talk you about your options when it comes to retirement living and aged care. You can speak with our Client Services team whenever you’re ready on 1800 626 670. You may not even have to leave your cocoon.

By the way, the other two factors Audrey Guy uncovered as important in ageing well are having a status in the community and having plans for the future. Both of which are equally as important as having a purpose in life. Find out more at

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