Warrigal wins 'Aged Care Provider of the Year' State Award


ACSA 21Last night Warrigal was awarded the ‘Aged Care Provider of the Year’ Award at the Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) awards night for NSW/ACT.

The award, recognising Warrigal’s outstanding leadership, management, workforce culture, innovation, communication and general excellence to the sector, was presented in Sydney last night where over 100 of the state’s top aged and community care providers were in attendance.

Warrigal CEO, Mark Sewell, said winning the award was a thrilling accolade for Warrigal.

“This achievement recognises the great work being done across the organisation to support the training and development of staff as well as the new technological solutions and customer service initiatives we are implementing to deliver on our vision of making older people’s lives great.

“The award also recognises our commitment to sustainability and the work we are doing across the organisation including achieving a 6-star NatHERS Rating at our newest Shell Cove community by implementing initiatives such as using Low Volatile Organic Compound Paints, recycled carpet and using solar energy”, Mark said.

In addition to the top award of Aged Care Provider, Warrigal’s Manager Strategy and Information Systems, David Macdonald, also won ‘Employee of the Year’, recognising the dedication and contribution David has made in the delivery of services to older people for his work in implementing the technological environment which has been created to support the operations at Warrigal’s Shell Cove community, including an online portal.

“The dedicated and purpose-built online portal, based on those you would find on a cruise ship, is used by our customers to book appointments, access a schedule of activities, share news and stories via a discussion forum, and provide remote access for families to engage with their loved ones by seeing what they are up to each day.

“It also helps people connect easily in the online environment and then meet up for coffee at the café or attend a group meeting with other people who have similar interests. It’s been an amazing example of how people can be socially connected through online forums which then translates into the ‘real world’ environment. It’s something Millennials take for granted, but for the older generation it can be really ground-breaking and help break the cycle of loneliness and isolation as we’ve seen happen at Shell Cove”, Mark said.

In other honours for the evening, Warrigal founding member, Norm Rowland, who is 98 years young, was also a finalist in the Lifetime Achievement Award recognising his work over 50 years in the delivery of services to older people within the industry.

Warrigal Volunteer, Mary Slater, was also a finalist in the Volunteer of the Year award for her dedication and commitment to volunteering at the Albion Park Rail café for over ten years.


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