Food Quality in Our Homes

Statement: Food Quality in Warrigal’s Aged Care Homes

Warrigal agrees with the current public call for a better standard of food in aged care. We realise how important meals are to people and have worked very hard over many years to be well known for our high quality meals.

Every Warrigal aged care home provides fresh cooked meals at every location. We are proud that this is a standout practice in the industry. We don’t believe in cook chill bags or frozen meals in trays or trucking the meals in. We know how much it means to people to have the smells of freshly cooked dinners in their home. We have a tailored solution at each home, some homes have specialised catering companies preparing the meals, and others have our own staff.

Warrigal also knows that customer’s requirements are going through a significant change with expectations rising and diversity increasing. The home cooked, simple foods currently preferred by many older Australians will be replaced by the need for more choice and sophistication. We are aiming for a food experience more like a club or cruise ship than a hospital.

Warrigal has already moved in this direction with our Shell Cove and new Queanbeyan Aged Care homes having bistros and cafes open to the public. The residents who live in the aged care homes and the general public who can visit are sharing in the same food experience as customers of a quality food service.

Warrigal agrees with the advocates calling for more investment in aged care food and believes that meeting this future customer expectation will require more government funding - not necessarily for those who can afford to pay but for those of limited means.

Warrigal offers every resident at least 2 hot meals a day, often 3 hot meals a day, and has menu choices at the main meal according to their preferences. As well as breakfast, lunch and dinner we offer morning tea, afternoon tea and supper. Six times a day you can have a drink and something to eat at Warrigal.

Alcohol is no problem for us at Warrigal and many residents like a wine or beer with their meal.

Where to eat is also a choice with eating in the social dining room or private room service offered at every home. Our dining rooms have had extensive renovations to create enhanced dining experiences with art work, soft furnishings, nice timber tables and mood lighting. Most of our dining rooms open onto outdoor courtyards for alfresco dining and regular BBQs under the pergolas. Some have juke boxes and entertainers and all have direct access to the kitchen’s chef’s cooks and kitchen hands for immediate feedback.

Our meals are designed by a dietician and have seasonal changes to reflect the weather and the seasonal produce available. When a person’s health declines and they need a modified diet, our specialist kitchen staff knows how to make it look and taste as good as it can. We know that even when you are sick and not eating much, your food still matters and can be a comfort to you.

Spending over $8 million a year on food, Warrigal provides an individual meal plan, depending on the resident’s dietary needs and preferences.

We are regulated by the NSW Food Authority who can do random visits to check the food and food preparation environment. At Warrigal every one of our extensive network of commercial grade kitchens has an A rating from the independent food authority.

Staff can buy the same main meals too as well as relatives and other visitors.

Our Board eats the same food at their monthly meeting and usually go back for more.

Most of our homes have a café with an espresso coffee machine and customers can have a muffin or scone with their cappuccino. 

If family or carers or anyone is ever concerned, we encourage them to talk to our staff or call us on 1800WARRIGAL.

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