Warrigal Stirling among the first aged care homes in Australia to get the jab

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Warrigal Stirling will be one of thirteen aged care facilities across nine identified Canberra suburbs to receive the Pfizer vaccine as part of the national roll-out beginning Monday, as announced yesterday by Health Minister Greg Hunt.

Warrigal CEO, Mark Sewell has welcomed the news stating, “We knew the vaccine was coming and we are very pleased that older people and frontline care staff are given top priority for the first vaccine available.”

“Even though the rush in the first week to vaccinate the people that live and work in over 200 aged care homes is creating quite a scramble, this announcement delivers on that promise and we warmly welcome it.”, Mr Sewell said.

Warrigal has been working with staff, residents and their families to ensure an effective implementation within the short timeframes required are in place.

Mr Sewell said, “We sincerely apologise to any families that feel rushed when asked to urgently consider their loved one’s needs and to give formal consent to receive the vaccine.”

Since the pandemic began in 2020, Warrigal has been focused on protecting its community from COVID-19, updating outbreak preparedness plans and taking many other serious protective actions under the guidelines and direction of ACT Health and the Public Health Department and will continue to follow any future advice on vaccination.

“We encourage all our residents and staff to get vaccinated and to take advantage of the Government’s free COVID-19 vaccination program. Aged care staff will be monitoring every single person who receives the vaccine very carefully and making sure they are well and achieve the maximum benefit from this extraordinary global project that has now begun in Australia” Mr Sewell said.

Warrigal Stirling’s vaccinations will take place on-site on Wednesday, 24 Feb 2021 from 8am.


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