Compulsory COVID-19 Vaccinations for Aged Care Workers Needs the Rest of the Plan

The Prime Minister has announced COVID-19 vaccinations for aged care workers in Australia will be made compulsory, with the first dose required by the middle of September 2021. Warrigal agrees it will provide much needed protection for both aged care staff and residents, but is calling for assistance also to be provided to ensure the process is easier for staff to ensure a wider take-up, Warrigal CEO Mark Sewell said in response to the announcement.

We are very pleased aged care staff are finally getting the attention they deserve as the most important group to get vaccinated as soon as possible. They have the most contact with the most vulnerable people to this virus.”

The recent outbreaks in several states and the slow take-up in vaccinations has resulted in a high risk situation, particularly for older Australians. Many staff are still waiting to be vaccinated today despite aged care staff being included in the original priority 1A categories to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

“The slow take-up has been mostly related to vaccine supply issues and vaccination access processes that have made it difficult for staff. They have also been watching the media about side effects and the different vaccines and some have been made nervous by this.” Mark said. “They should not be blamed for these issues. They are salt-of-the-earth, part-time, female, frontline care workers who are doing their best for older people in difficult circumstances.”

“The best way to improve vaccination rates for this important group is to have workplace clinics established as soon as possible to visit each aged care home. The resident vaccination program was conducted this way earlier this year, which resulted in a very high vaccination rate being achieved. Staff on-site during those days jumped at the chance to get vaccinated. It’s the best way.”

Warrigal is looking forward to working further with GP’s through the Federal Government’s Primary Health Network, as well as the local hospitals through the State Government’s Local Health Districts. Both have been very helpful so far and also need assistance to achieve this ambitious target.


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