Warrigal Wins Trainee of the Year State Award

Warrigal Wins 'Trainee of the Year' State Award

Last night Warrigal’s Carol Goodger was awarded the ‘2019 NSW Trainee of the Year’ Award at the Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) awards night for NSW/ACT.

The award, recognising Carol’s outstanding dedication and commitment, was presented in Sydney where the state’s top aged and community care providers were in attendance.

Carol, a Care Services Employee based in our Mt Warrigal home, has ‘hit the ground running’ with her enthusiasm, dedication and compassion. Inspired to work in aged care after caring for a friend, Carol was presented with the perfect opportunity through Warrigal’s innovative 9-week “Get Set to Go Program”. The program offered Carol a chance to study her Certificate III and place that knowledge into practice with ongoing mentorship and Warrigal specific training.

Displaying high quality, customer focused care, Carol devotes herself to ensuring the happiness of residents with all the extra activities she provides. On one occasion, after noticing that a resident with Parkinson’s disease was finding it increasingly hard to complete a jigsaw puzzle, Carol sourced a puzzle with larger pieces so there were fewer struggles with grabbing and moving the pieces.

Warrigal CEO, Mark Sewell, said winning the award was a thrilling accolade for Warrigal.

“Warrigal has a positive culture built around the Warrigal Way, aligning our teams to ensure older people are at the heart of everything we do. We’ve taken the traditional aged care model of employment and turned it on its head, by creating pathways for people by giving them the necessary skills and experience as well as the opportunity of ongoing employment with us.”

“Carol is a great example of how even in your late career we can all make a difference in this industry. Carol is simply ‘a natural’ – and one who may never have found her purpose, until our innovative ‘Get Set to Go’ program gave her a pathway.”, Mark said.

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